There are “adequate” drivers available from Marvell as well. The regressions are in kernel 2. Setting latency timer of device Plus I suppose if your upgrading a machine it’s probably time to upgrade the hard drives also. Marvell Chipset-based controller left and replacement SiI based controller right. The code source version is v1. Mon Apr 28, 2:

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Thu Apr 10, 8: I found your post by searching for the dmesg errors. Sun Apr 13, We all knew that onboard raid wasn’t ever going to work. Problem is, only the first 2 drives show up. If it works then that is a huge bonus. You 88×7042 see how the disks are allocated to the different PCI controllers using the sysfs filesystem on the server:.

List of Marvell Technology Group chipsets

I did a quick check on the forum for posts relating to the Marvell 88SX and the ones I have seen seem to be linkx the negative side more than positive, especially the one around “Kernel Panic” and “Can’t replace disk because pool is unavailable, even though its imported”. Plus my use of disk encryption destroys any minor performance advantages obtained by different RAID approaches anyway, making the debate somewhat moot. There are “adequate” drivers available from Marvell as well.


Is it possible for me to linud the system and plug hard drives from the current raid array currently connected to the motherboard into the card?

I also found rebuilding my RAID array with one of my bad sector disks would take around 12 hours when the disk was linus. The bios in the 23xx likes to write random shit to certain sectors on the disk, even if you’ve not setup a RAID in it.

Linux-Kernel Archive: Marvell 88SX [4 Port SATA PCI-Express x4] Support/Questions

A bug ticket is open at Kernel Bug Tracker: Thread starter Redguy Start date Jul 29, Having gone through the pain and effort to recover and rebuild this system, I had to ask myself a few questions about my design decisions and what I could do to avoid a fault like this again in future. Try one of the marvell drivers instead, like sky2 or skge.

Wed Mar 19, 5: Link – Warning, I suggest you stay away from this card. Marvell doesn’t provide public information for these chipsets on the Marvell’s website.

I guess that PCI-X is good enough for 88sx70442 purpose though. Sun Apr 27, 3: I would think something like 3ware with BBU would be significantly faster on random writes thanks to the write caching.

Use the boot parameter: Unknown device 11ab Flags: Really disappointed in Highpoint, total waste of money. Sat Mar 22, 8: Thu Mar 20, 3: I will check to make sure it’s plugged in correctly, etc.


Adventures in I/O Hell | Jethro Carr

I would expect that the proprietary driver that Highpoint supplied uses code from other companies that they can’t release. Copying between the two disks on a particular controller was guaranteed to trigger this after a few minutes.

Depressingly almost as soon as the hardware was changed and I started my RAID rebuild, I started experiencing problems with the system. No other information for this chipset with Google search.

Awesome Linux SATA2 Controller: 8 ports for sub-$10

Thanks to everyone who mentioned it here! I would like to reuse the qnap case instead of just scrapping it. 888sx7042 the 12x disks in my server, 2x are for the OS boot drives and the remaining 10x are pooled together into one whopping RAID 6 which is then split using LVM into volumes for all my virtual machines and also file server storage.