Anything 4ft and in is a gimmie because the ball just will not steer from its’ course. After using the driver I decided to order the 3 wood, only to find out you no longer had them in stock and did not know you would be getting more. It took the trip perfectly and all the contents, which included not only my clubs but some extra items too, made it through with no problem. Not to mention the fact that it is light as can be. Have a nice time i find J. And alignment could not be easier, place ball between two bars and watch it disappear in the hole. The crown cracked – my second cracked R7.

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I won’t get into the tech behind it, who really cares, their website covers it in depth. The putter head zopex a roll grooved face which is very soft.

Monday, December 29, J. Lots of room and can take the abuse I’ve had this bag for 6 months now and its been through rain, a couple of drops and drags.

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The secret is Zolex’s 21st-century metal, which is percent harder than titanium but twice as light, and the club’s patented inch Ccom Smartshaft, which increases the club speed by roughly 25 percent. Given the ability to customize many factors with this putter, this truly may be the last putter that you’ll ever buy. The handle by Winn is very comfortable. Perhaps should have opted for the larger case so that I could have fit additional items e. I use it for shipping trade show posters, materials etc.


Golf Technologies Air Hammer Drivers

For a taller, more athletic build, a stiff shaft is better, and that 13 degree loft helps me get the ball in the air. I purchased these after looking around quite thoroughly.

Great case – highly recommend it to securely travel with your clubs. I received my item on the date it was promised. Guerin Rife’s 2 Bar Blade putter is probably the last putter that you’ll ever have to buy. Glad I bought it. Additionally, each club has a lock at the top of the shaft that is designed to guarantee the grip will not unscrew or rotate during use.

If you don’t mind the “second” quality and don’t mind having to do some preventive repairs, I recommend this set for a young golfer, not over age The irons are fine also. Found this set was what I was looking for.

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As your child grows and their skills develop, the spacer system of the Accu-Length golf club actually stiffens the shaft, slowly easing the forgiveness of the club as the speed of your child’s swing speed increases. The face is open 1 degree, which I like. The base is tip top. Definite Outlet quality, thus the outlet price!


No new strategies are outlined but the tips are solid.

Do yourself a big favor, stay away from this junk, and buy a used TaylorMade or other name brand from a golf re-sale store. Club purchased was Very nice set After having not played xir over 8 years, I decided to start again. I like that they are the new wide body type.

After using the driver I decided to order the 3 wood, only to find out you no longer had them in stock and did not know you would be getting more. As for not getting spacers It came with the original Taylormade “X” extra stiff shaft.

You will not believe how true your ball will roll using this putter. I would say I really love it. All in all, this is a great club, and I find I’m hitting more fairways not just adding distance to my drives.

So far I’ve been very pleased with them.