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Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson in The Now, if one uses that same swing pattern in the course, it just dosent work. We were taught that if you establish a good grip and a good take away you have the foundation for a lifetime of solid golf. No “snappy” parts to your swing. I picked up golfing again 3 months ago after a 16 year hiatus and my best round so far, as of Sunday is 92, compared to shooting in March. I did some searching on the net and found quite a few others who had experienced the same thing. He didn’t push it as a training aid though, preferring to correct us on the fly.

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Wilson Staff D7 Irons December 10, Julie October 29, – By saevel25Wednesday at Wonder if I could swing it now. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades.

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review

meeicus Posted October 31, The DVD seemed more like the infomercial than anything else. For me it works more or less the same way a baseball player warms up before batting with multiple bat swings.

The moment I saw this advertised on TV, I thought it looked a frustrating gimmick. I always shake and take off my hat and never wear a hat indoors.


Been looking on ebay for a used one too, but not very hard. We already bought the thing, so time to take it for a test drive. They are really heavy and while I don’t train with it I have on occasion done some basic swings with it to loosen it up. Brian Peck 27 years old.

medicus driver and 5 iron – Instruction and Playing Tips – The Sand Trap .com

Well, Medicus Golf swears by their products so we decided to take one of them out for a test drive. It’s been nearly 20 years, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think the medicus was integral for building the foundation for my swing.

So much so that i had the best round of my life the next day. What Do You Do for a Living? The DVD is the instructions or so they say.

That was with both the putter and driver. After an hour of play with this thing, all four of us were done. I got one on ebay used for like 40 bucks when i was first starting to get serious and it really helped my rhythm, and also to understand where my swing plane needs to be at.


So the medicus I used also had one of those grip trainers in lieu of a normal grip. Posted November 4, Fall colors pre peak. In our group of four, we have all types of golfers.

Official World Golf Rankings

It is also available in right handed for women and juniors. John March 21, – 2: Sign in Already have an account? It works for me Sign up for a new account in our community. WSE March 8, – They lst not do anything to improve your core strength or your balance as they are primarily concerned with a pendulum motion.

Sorry for long response, but I hope that helps. The 5-iron would probably help me, as well. It helped me start hitting a draw when I was 13 and is really responsible for the swing I have today.