Can anyone help me troubleshoot the problem. My webcam has gone not detected on the computer, the webcam module is working well when checked on a different machine. I turned on the power botton and it lights up a few seconds and goes off. So I tested with other new memory. My dell inspiron shut down suddenly become overheating….

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Once replaced, I plugged in the power cord. I disassembled my laptop because after a storm, some water fell above the laptop through a unnoticed hole in the roof.

How to disassemble Dell Inspiron N5110 (Inspiron 15R)

This is a Hall switch that turns sleep mode on when you close your laptop display. Made my job of reseating the video so easy. Hopefully someone is still reading comments to this post!

Maybe I damaged the DC jack? Just in case, try removing RAM m110 modules one by one and test the laptop with only one module installed. Help would be greatly appreciated Check memory. I was wondering… is this a motherboard problem or a screen problem?

Removing the DC jack board. I ordered the DC jack board from your recommended Ebay site. Nothing seems to work. I would be really happy if somebody can response me. Hello, I replaced the hard drive myself. The video cable can be connected by mistake upsidedown?


Dell Inspiron 15r N M Wireless WLAN WiFi Antenna Cable | eBay

How to fix it? Test your laptop with an external monitor.

Now this time it was a piece of cake, both disassembling it and reassembling it back again. Hi There, Your instructions have been very beneficial in disassembling the laptop. Removing the palmrest assembly. But my display is working perfect so far!! So, took it apart and connected the audio wire, then put it back together… Same problem now, all lights and fan but no screen, same as before.

Disconnect the following cables from the motherboard: It power adaptor and the batter are working fine but the laptop does not switch on. I then took out the battery while plugged in and it died wirelesss Hi, How can we replace the wifi antenna cable??

It was making clicking noises under the mousepad, figured it was hdd problem. I was going to write one by myself but now I clearly understand that this work is done already.

How to disassemble Dell Inspiron N (Inspiron 15R) – Inside my laptop

Hi My Dell Laptop died and would not start up and so this guide saved my life and I managed to pull out my hard drive with the very informative instructions. Probably you had purchased wrong memory type.


I had some trouble disconnecting the hard drive because it was glued to the motherboard with some adhesive rubber. If you think the problem is related to the video cable try replacing the cable. I want to clean the fan and heat sink for my 15R Laptop. Can you get external image to work?

Dell Inspiron M5110 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

Insert the keyboard cable back into the connector the way it was before. Everything is ok except The laptop screen that remains black. But suddenly, the screen turned black like when you hit the media panel button, and never turned on again.