Multifunction Devices


Uncheckmarked items will be displayed in the Programs. The black rubber gasket connects to the car antenna, while the slit beneath the mirror is the external speaker. Power, Open Power Information Malaysia Indonesia Mobile version. This is because the device is designed to be used under various power ratings, and general device usage is operating under the lowest rated power of the network.

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All of your entered tasks are displayed in the application main screen Tasks List.

Options Description You can select the displayed time Show time as progressed or remaining time on screen I always manage to answer a call prematurely when taking the phone out of my case. For your reading convenience, this manual is designed with many tips and services in order to help you fi nd information quickly.

You can also prevent other people from using your phone. Phone has not detected WiFi wireless network Page Then select Next Enter your name and group information, Select the installation destination folder. Page Topic Appendix A. Please enter the Connect from the Windows address, for example: I won’t be able to load it until tomorrow.


The most dkpod change, however, will be the speed at which the camera starts up. After system restarts, the phone will restore the phone settings to the factory defaults.

The Dopod Pro is truly a model of wireless connectivity. Today screen after hard reset, showing Dopod’s included greyish theme. To listen to voicemail messages, you can dial the voicemail number provided by the service provider from the phone application.

Buy ticket Priority, Priority, or Performs simple math calculations such as Calculator addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Move mouse cursor over the stylus to see the stylus in its shortened form. The Dopod Pro also comes with a PenPower WorldCard Mobile, a mobile version business card reader which allows users to capture modeem cards, recognize text information and save to Contacts instantly.

Enables you to edit the task table and create new Excel Mobile Excel documents on your phone. Watch them with the large 2.

DOPOD 838 Pro (HTC Hermes)

You can download other legal shared themes to the phone from the web. When you select the number or the English characters representing the number for example: Options Description Show still image Choose the picture you wish to display when the video camera is disabled during a call.


How to use ActiveSync Bluetooth synchronization?

Doopod speaking, the closer you are to the wireless base station antenna, the lower the power output is. Note to access non telstra sites you might need to disable proxy in my connections Hope this works guys.

Page URL Note 1for example: Malaysia Indonesia Mobile version. The phone and Bluetooth functions will still be activated and will continuously consume the phone battery power.

How do I backup information on the phone?

Dopod pro Spesifikasi

Bluetooth 1 passkey, for example: This is followed by the reset hole which can fit the tip of the stylus or a paper clipmicrophone, battery latch release and the mini-USB port. Got it, continue to print. The power of the Dopod Pro lies in its connectivity features.