Well I am getting reay to do the deed. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Thanks man, I just sent you a message but I got it up and running. If you are using the ports for the JMB instead of the JMB, the install process should still be the same but you have to make sure to enable the controller and select the appropriate mode in BIOS. Currently i have the drives setup like this..

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I have always used the black slots for my Velociraptors and SSDs. My wife is happy and well isn’t that what it all about anyway! After installation is complete, Windows should ask to reboot.

New build advice needed!

I have a quick question. In this evfa, Windows should detect the controller as a standard IDE controller without installing a separate JMicron driver.

Select the volume size jmicroj click Enter. Booting time is this fast? I would set the bios to raid, hit Cnt-I and set up the raid as KMoore posted above you don’t need the F6 method with Win7. Have a great weekend also. Also controls the IDE controller. For the least problems, and best performance without updating and installing drivers. And do you use the intel matrix storage mgr to set up the raid as well?


jMicron, E-SATA, and x58 SLi

So I know it did not install. If I could ask two last questions, if it’s not too much trouble. Click Enter to select the physical disks.

Just turn them on in BIOS, download a driver: It’s the latest I could find. Thanks for the tip, Z.

FAQ ID # – Where can I find the drivers for the JMicron SATA controller on my motherboard?

And would the jMicron controller cause problems later? You can install the RST after the fact to monitor the raid in Windows. On the x58 SLI and X58 classified all versions there are three controllers on the motherboard. It’s in my sig!

JMicron Drivers?

Be the Last One Standing: Jmicrn information guys, thanks very much. User Control Panel Log out. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Don’t know what to tell you about ClamAV.

I’m using Windows 7 Professional x64, would Windows be able to find the drivers automatically? The one I’m using is R1.


User Control Panel Log out. Booting time is this fast? They are off until I want to pull a backup of a backup, or attach a random drive for some reason.

Three word game Four word game SRX 1. Booting time is this fast?