I thought so at first too but hes got it at 4sec. Aside from the lack of a dedicated E-Stop input, it also doesn’t have the interface for an external braking resistor, and the Hitachi braking modules are several hundred dollars at Dealers. It’s still relatively new, and you may have questions, so an introduction is in order. Im lost when it comes to that. Den, that’s the one VFD that’s been mentioned that I wouldn’t recommend:

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Download PDF or contact us to arrange for mail delivery. You will need to apply this advice to your machine and VFD.

I’m looking around for a VFD myself, and I spotted this vtd I just looked at the specs on the GS1, and it doesn’t seem to offer dynamic breaking on that model. A sensorless vector VFD has a Be the first to review this product. I have mine set for 4 second slow and 4 second accel. I probably vgd the hell out of you even though I tried to make it simple. JST, Automation Direct also says the drive is faulty, thanks for all of your help troubleshooting!

AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)/GS2 Series Micro AC Drives | New Equipment Digest

I’m not saying AD is the only drive that offers these features – not at all – but I think they’re the only ones to offer all bs2 at this price. If I can cook up a sketch it might make more sense. They’re a very good basic drive. It looks bad that the internal pot does not work Cost needs to be low as possible for a good, reliable brand. I checked the table first by putting the black end of the meter into the ground of an outlet vf the red to the table, got 0v.


Automation Direct Gs2 AC Drive 2hp v 3ph VFD | eBay

So VFDs ggs2 the fixed-frequency supply voltage to DC, then pulse-width modulate a continuously variable frequency to set the motor speed. Product information bulletin from Direct Automation. JST, I verified that the drive is getting 0 to 10v from the pot at the terminals.

That is where I found the 50 VAC.

The good news is unless you tie the control side to the power side its tough to mess anything up. There’s more to vfs than that, but that’s a basic simplification.

Like if I were power tapping a blind hole, would this work in that case? If i wanted to to wire in a Potentiometer which inputs would I use. The other feature you might consider is the additional driving transistor for an external braking resistor. By gw2 this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.

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Does hitting the reverse button instantly change the direction? That’s why it would not happen until you got to a higher speed. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: You can get the same torque with a RPM 2 pole motor by ratio’ing the drive pulleys, but the 6 pole or 4 pole motors give you more flexibility in over-speeding the motor. If you’re going that slow you’re probably in a low gear anyway, so the linear torque loss below 60hz is not relly too much of an issue.

GS2 VFD Driver

But hopefully it illustrates the concept enough to get going. But some general tips: You may be pleasantly surprised. I checked all the decel vs2 and none are set for this kind of delay slowing down.