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The health check does not recover paths that are failed by the Distributed Error Detection algorithm. If initially there is no SDD vpath device configured, cfgvpath -r will fail with message failed to get information from kernel, don’t run dynamic configuration, do cfgvpath instead. After the command is issued, the output of datapath query adapter will be: The supported storage devices information allows AIX to perform the following actions: Example output from datapath query device command issued in SDD or earlier:

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The number of functional paths is equal to the number of opened paths that are attached to this target port minus any that sevice identified as failed or disabled offline. Use the following pcmpath commands to change the path state: Command syntax conventions This section describes the notational conventions that this book uses.

The default value of this attribute is seconds with the valid range of 30 to seconds.

System high availability

This command is supported for disk storage systems only. To add extra paths that are attached to a fibre-channel adapter or a SAS 7v000, to existing available devices, enter: To enable fast failure, you must complete the following steps: So the sdddsm ibm multipathing driver was trying to degice disk5 which was on v through access lun with lun id 31 on ds The path numbers for the existing paths do not change.


You can import volume groups that are created over SDD vpath devices using the vgimport command.

Upgrading the SDD on page 99 Table 5. A path that is failed due to timeout policy can later be recovered by the AIX health check commands.

Path The path index displayed by device query command. In case the same minor number is in use, the next sequential number ib, assigned. In Figure 5, link 2 between the switch and the storage is more heavily loaded than link 1.

This is in contrast to the mandatory locking provided by SCSI reserves. SMIT responds with the following message: You must check for the latest information on fibre-channel device driver APARs, maintenance-level fixes, and microcode updates at the following website: Click Remove Local Host Software.

Persistent Reserve Shared Host Access reservation policy Subsytsem you set an MPIO device with this persistent reserve policy, a persistent reservation is made on this device with a persistent reserve PR key.

SDD requires a minimum of two independent paths that share the same logical unit to use the load balancing and path-failover-protection features. The Install Software panel is displayed.


No hardcopy book is produced for this publication. You must convert your existing logical volumes or create new ones. Syntax pcmpath query portmap Examples If you enter the pcmpath query portmap command, the following output is displayed: Lists the configuration mapping devicr the SDD devices and underlying disks.

Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module (SDDPCM) for IBM AIX

Improper removal of the file subsyshem invalidate existing volume groups. The command will fail if you try to remove the last path from a supported storage MPIO device.

Syntax pcmpath set device num1 algorithm option num2 Note: In this case, issue cfgvpath without any option. Otherwise, go to step 3.

To disable an adapter, use the following command: With a single path, failover protection is not provided. Implementing the ibm storwize v with ibm spectrum virtualize v8. Because SDD or earlier does not have the volume group conversion scripts hd2vp and vp2hd, the uninstallation will not convert the existing volume groups back to cxtxdx devices.