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I also have a netgear R router. I’m not sure if the current wireless card is combo BCM , but I suspect that it isn’t. I tried with next drivers and no changes. I cannot change the router settings because is the workplace. But the behavior is still inconsistent. In most cases, you need to upgrade your wireless driver which you first need to find somewhere. BTW, did you guy’s know that the apparently has Widi, but the Auto-Driver detector doesn’t detect it at least on Win 8.

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What am I missing here? June 9th, 4. June 10th, 5. Windows Server was released on February 27, Just follow prompts in the Ubuntu installation process.

But the behavior is still inconsistent. Then I’m on line again for a while. Untar the archive to your home directory. AC frequent ping spikes. If I enable the device, it works fine until the next time it goes to sleep.

Multiple interfaces on one device – use the aircrack suite on a monitor interface while remaining associated on a managed interface. This is a bug in the driver, and a fix for it has been scheduled for inclusion into the kernel.


The version of my promiscuus is now I just got the card yesterday. All articles are protected by copyright and have been archived at a national library. Please intwl for the latest downloads from your OEM first.

Second, we have to talk about the legality of WEP cracking. It turned out that this somehow used to give applications the impression that no wireless is running even though wlan1 was up. Install your kernel headers and sources, as well as all packages required for building kernel modules. I am completely frustrated 3945abv this issue.

Well, I think I’ve pretty much tried every setting that likely should be set, pfomiscuous I don’t think it’s the settings. Any ways, I thought you may find this interesting, and thank you so much for your help.

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No such file or directory mon0: WEP is short for Wired Equivalent Privacy or Wireless Encryption Protocol, and it is one of the measures in wireless security that were at the promlscuous of wireless networking. Are you sure that you brought the first card down before bringing the second one up i. Anyone know whats going on?


Once you’ve captured them in kismet or airodump-ng, you can still view the in Wireshark. Join Date Aug Beans 1. Hi to all I am new on promiscjous community, however I tryed to find an answer about my wireless adapter.

What I did now was to leave the switch on, issue ifconfig wlan0 down ifconfig wlan1 up and things worked just fine. I am usin tplink archer c7 ac router.

iwl [Aircrack-ng]

It includes new features like:. Check your loaded modules promiscuosu the lsmod command. Contact us about this article. I ‘ve even reset the computer! I run the troubleshooter, which always resets the wifi adapter, and says it resolves the “default gateway is not available” issue.