Hey coul or anyone that owns a similar system. I can’t seem to find one anywhere, even though the board has been out for awhile realitively speaking anyway. DarthVain , Jul 30, My board came with the bracket already attached to it. Good luck on your system, tell me how it goes, and I’ll tell you how mine goes. Thanks in advance people. Jul 28, 4.

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If no reviews can be found I would also be happy to hear from people who have bought it and their experiances with the board.

Jul 28, 3.

BTW are you running the Win64 Beta? Log in or Sign up. Motherboard documentation from most companies has always been pretty crappy.

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CIWSJul 30, K8mn it stable at all? The official product web site does say that Is that was the VSL is? The website does say that the board has up to 64 MB shared on board video. I can tell you that the MSI board deffinitely has on board video. So any information on the motherboard would be very helpful.


MSI Ms-6741 K8mm-ilsr Ver 1 Socket 754 Motherboard With BP

Thanks for the advice. Jul 30, This can be set as low as 4 MB and as high as MB. Perhaps because it is micro no one wants to review it. DarthVainJul 28, I have only managed to find two measly user reviews, one basically said it rocked, the k88mm said it sucked I really don’t care about it really, so long as it can be disabled, I don’t need some lame IGP sucking down my vital juices, slowing my system down Good luck on your system, tell me how it goes, and I’ll tell you how mine goes.

Anyway the reason I as is I am looking to build a new computer k8mm reasonable speed for the various game relases that are going supposed to be anyway to happen this year, like Doom 3, HL2, etc They also said that they talked to AMD and kk8mm able to get one sent to them for free.


One thing I will say is that in my tests the Via chipset can’t hold a candle to the nForce3. DarthVainJul 30, I’m not even sure what AGP aperture is. DarthVain yep the board kmm just fine.

Intel Architecture Day. Aug 16, Mine came with the bracket installed as well. Jul 30, 8.

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CIWSJul 31, I’m still positive there is on board video and I’m almost positive that it can be turned off. No, create an account now.

Jul 31, Would probably cost me a morgage payment anyway Jul 28, 2. Do you already have an account?