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It’s hard to say I know exactly what’s going through the mind of a downtown Milwaukee cop when shit hits the fan. Strasser’s attorney, Robin Shellow, said her client expects to file a civil suit over the matter. Looks like Water St. Attendance tallies at Summerfest, other events was a guessing game Maier set out to make Milwaukee the parade city of the Midwest — in Not saying that brutality doesn’t exist, or even condone the actions of this particular officer, but for fuck’s sake, if this guy – in a single minute – recklessly endangered the lives and property of 50 people in his le mans fiasco, well then fuckem. This guy could have killed a family if he wasn’t so lucky.

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I find it silly how Wisconsin has some of the toughest laws on buying alcohol, but some of the weakest penalties for DUIs.

I make damn sure I am in front of their dash cams for everything! This is f’d up, absolutely discusting. Submit a new link. I checked the license plate you can see it in another photo. Originally Posted by ricco1. If I were the one to spread this around, my meme would read, “Detroit Police drive Fords, Milwaukee Police Ride Harleys, what would we expect of Italian of course, I’d indicate the specific city Police?


Apr 20, I’ve seen way too many instances of the police turning on the victim.

Milwaukee police beat lambo driver : milwaukee

Historic Brexit vote breeds economic volatility, uncertainty E. Perhaps a dash cam video will be released to hold the cop responsible if it was unwarranted force. Without context it’s pretty hard to know what preceded this, but having seen the douchebaggery that goes on around there, I’m neither surprised nor particularly sympathetic to this guy.

But the facts of this case, someone blowing twice the legal limit while endangering the lives of the people around him, I cannot and will not blame the officer for his course of action.


Luckily, no one was hurt in the crash, only the two officers who were in the Lambo got minor injuries. When laws are tough on DUIs, it’s extremely difficult to get more than one DUI — because they take away your car and your license for 6 months to a year on the first one.

Search homicides in the city of Milwaukee by location, age, race, gender and date. I should rephrase to say I don’t think it should ever be criminally illegal. Apr 15, 2. Visit Johnny Slick’s homepage! Pity they could’nt find someone to drive it Apr 16, 9.

Lamborghini driver takes plea deal in Milwaukee arrest case

I’m not the judge here, just watching a video. The police department conducted an internal review of the arrest and concluded Ratzmann struck Strasser in the shoulder and was well within policy and training to use such force. Police bust another clown.


YA, well no one forced you to do it and no one told you, you had to be an ass about it either! All times are GMT. Police have a job to do, and delivering justice is not part of it. That’s not what I said.

Italian Police Lamborghini Comment: And actually, I have to admit, the damn video stopped running before I saw the full thing. When you abuse your power in a manner like this, you are far worse than any drunk driver.

Submit a new text post. That is why I do not like any officer pulling me over and then seeing another one coming to assist. I did notice that the passenger is not getting his ass beat, he was taken into custody by a single cop standing up by the rear of the Lambo.

I hope that lambo driver is rich as hell